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Things to think about before your headshot / portrait session ....


Don't try to set a PB the night before for staying up late & drinking far too much - an early night a few extra glasses of water is a much better idea!

What to wear?

Avoid any graphic logo t-shirts or band names or funny slogans on your top. The chances are that they may be cut off in the shot and look silly. 

Patterns and thin stripes don’t work well on camera and computer screens. And some patterns which look cool on your clothes may just be a busy visual noise on camera. So if you can think about wearing something plain that will look good no matter what size the image is.

A lot of portraits get converted into black and white. That pink tie with that light blue shirt may look great in real life, but by the time the image has been converted to black and white, they may be the same tone and just blend into one an other. So think about contrast and tones and if in doubt take a couple of shots of yourself in the mirror on your phone and convert them to black and white and see what looks good.

Skin & makeup:

I usually use artificial lights, which help ensure consistent results from the portraits. While we try to create the most flattering lighting we can, one of the disadvantages of studio lighting is that it can make skin look shiny / glossy / sweaty / greasy. This is especially true in the summer if it’s a hot day. For women I’d recommend a bit of concealer / foundation. For men, a trip to the toilet to wash your face just before you have your photo taken, or a quick wash with a baby wipe also works well. No one wants to look like a sweaty mess in their photos.


Lots of people arrive to have their photo taken looking like they've just rushed though the wind and their hair is a total mess. It's a great idea to bring a brush / comb, especially if you have long hair. You want your hair to be like a shampoo advert, looking all smooth flowing, full bodied and neat.

Don’t have loads of straggly strands of messy hair. Make sure that it’s all brushed and neat around the edges. If you have a fringe and want that looking good, try not to have any big gaps in there, unless that’s what you like. Photoshopping hair is REALLY difficult. It’s so much easier to get it right before the photo is taken than afterwards.


If you wear them all the time, leave them on. If you only need them for reading/looking at your computer screen, maybe better with them off. If they're staying on, please push them all the way up your nose .. then the frames won't hide your eyes from the camera!

Your best side?
If you have a side you prefer / think is your best, please let me know!

"I hate having my photo taken"

Lots of folks say this. I want to create an image you'll be happy with - it's my job, and I'm reasonably good at it. I'll help you relax and together we'll make a fantastic portrait!

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